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US-7419847-B2: Method for forming metal interconnection of semiconductor device patent, US-7571277-B2: Semiconductor memory system for flash memory patent, US-8337581-B2: Oil-separator rotor for a turbomachine patent, US-6754446-B2: Imaging device and digital camera using the imaging device patent, US-6928143-B2: Deployable fast-response apparatus to recover bio-contaminated materials patent, US-7055591-B2: Air conditioner for vehicle patent, US-6743269-B2: Granules based on pyrogenically produced aluminium oxide, process for the production thereof and use thereof patent, US-6860434-B2: Apparatus for manufacturing ultra-fine particles using electrospray device and method thereof patent, US-7054348-B2: Using real random number generator as proof of time patent, US-7270962-B2: Method of identifying modulators of nogo-functions patent, US-7520103-B1: Non-invasive methods of securing an installed metal roof patent, US-7651125-B2: Air bag for driver's seat of vehicle patent, US-7796196-B2: Picture signal processor and picture signal processing method patent, US-7923822-B2: Integrated circuit package system including shield patent, US-8134177-B2: Switching element, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-8557119-B1: High water recovery from desalination systems using ion exchange technology patent, US-7837940-B2: Analyzer, reagent-containing assembly, and reagent suctioning method patent, US-8490522-B1: Wheel bearing removal tool system patent, US-6951780-B1: Selective oxidation of silicon in diode, TFT, and monolithic three dimensional memory arrays patent, US-7939548-B2: Certain chemical entities, compositions, and methods patent, US-7529601-B2: Vehicle integrated-control apparatus and vehicle integrated-control method patent, US-8124199-B2: Discotic liquid crystal compound, liquid crystal composition comprising the same and optical film using the same liquid crystal composition patent, US-8135068-B1: Method and/or architecture for motion estimation using integrated information from camera ISP patent, US-6988336-B2: Fireplace enclosure patent, US-8184095-B2: Control device patent, US-6922350-B2: Reducing the effect of write disturbs in polymer memories patent, US-7050232-B2: Optical circulator and optical switch patent, US-7329918-B2: Semiconductor memory device including storage nodes and resistors and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-7586414-B2: Radio tag patent, US-7899851-B2: Indexing method of database management system patent, US-8185671-B2: Technique for increasing control and status signal density in a fixed register address space patent, US-6934811-B2: Microprocessor having a low-power cache memory patent, US-7710791-B2: Input circuit of a non-volatile semiconductor memory device patent, US-7714777-B2: Semiconductor device for spread spectrum radar apparatus patent, US-8082478-B2: Retransmission of erroneous data patent, US-7551925-B2: Unified directory system including a data model for managing access to telecommunications services patent, US-6854925-B2: Storm water reservoir with low drag patent, US-7645225-B2: Chronic performance control system for rotodynamic blood pumps patent, US-8441214-B2: Light array maintenance system and method patent, US-7028330-B1: Transferring information between an internet module and TV controller of a web TV patent, US-7172007-B1: Reinforcing ring applicator patent, US-7758678-B2: Fuel adsorption filter and air cleaner patent, US-7798891-B2: Chimney lining and venting apparatus for use with emissions from an appliance, and method of assembly patent, US-8326090-B2: Search apparatus and search method patent, US-6727807-B2: Driver's aid using image processing patent, US-6892498-B1: Interlocking construction system patent, US-7114039-B2: Signal processor with a plurality of kinds of processors and a shared memory accessed through a versatile control means patent, US-7148179-B2: Catalyst support patent, US-7590852-B2: Method for remote electronic verification and authentication and screening of potential signatories for remote electronic notary transactions via remote PC encrypted platform to a broadband digitally wireless cellular/PDA device or portable PC device patent, US-7226540-B2: MEMS filter module patent, US-8347085-B2: Integrating security protection tools with computer device integrity and privacy policy patent, US-8427051-B2: Support for filiform elements containing an active material patent, US-7143392-B2: Hyperbolic tree space display of computer system monitoring and analysis data patent, US-8126992-B2: Method and system for optimally scheduling a web conference managed by a web application patent, US-8225607-B2: Vane-cell machine and method for waste heat utilization, using vane-cell machines patent, US-7914482-B2: Vacuum surge suppressor for surgical aspiration systems patent, US-8384538-B2: Remote monitoring of fixed structures patent, US-6860154-B2: Pressure sensor and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-6882729-B2: System and method for limiting access to data patent, US-6818697-B2: Coating composition patent, US-6958705-B2: Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device patent, US-7701889-B2: Apparatus for allocating transmission period in a wireless communication system patent, US-7827929-B2: Pneumatic seasoning system patent, US-6805952-B2: Low contamination plasma chamber components and methods for making the same patent, US-7860395-B2: Optical access network system patent, US-8250864-B2: Method for controlling the torque of a hybrid drive unit and hybrid drive unit patent, DE-50307708-D1: Einrichtung der supraleitungstechnik mit einem supraleitenden magneten und einer kälteeinheit patent, US-8334308-B2: Renin inhibitors patent, US-7597938-B2: Method of making coated article with color suppression coating including flame pyrolysis deposited layer(s) patent, US-7939349-B2: Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-6997790-B2: Method of fabricating pliant workpieces, tools for performing the method and methods for making those tools patent, US-7122519-B2: Didemnin analogs and fragments and methods of making and using them patent, US-7137923-B2: Multiple gear stage automatic transmission patent, US-7649954-B2: Method and apparatus for processing data for transmission in a multi-channel communication system using selective channel inversion patent, US-6719968-B2: Tendon-inducing compositions patent, US-7815697-B2: Fuel oils composed of middle distillates and oils of vegetable or animal origin and having improved cold flow properties patent, US-7552221-B2: System for communicating with a server through a mobile communication device patent, US-7024152-B2: Printing system with horizontal highway and single pass duplex patent, US-8094378-B2: Planar lens patent, US-7300922-B2: Modulators of pharmacological agents patent, US-8536390-B2: Profitable method for carbon capture and storage patent, US-6723564-B2: IR MALDI mass spectrometry of nucleic acids using liquid matrices patent, US-851263-A: Boxing-machine. patent, US-6738575-B2: Lens information display apparatus patent, US-7241510-B2: Peelable circuit board foil patent, US-7824969-B2: Finfet devices and methods for manufacturing the same patent, US-8080487-B2: Ballistic fabrics with improved antiballistic properties patent, US-8412996-B2: Method and device for checking the integrity of a logic signal, in particular a clock signal patent, US-7746956-B2: Method and system for bandwidth calibration for a phase locked loop (PLL) patent, US-7943494-B2: Method for blocking dislocation propagation of semiconductor patent, US-8507226-B2: Methods for high fidelity production of long nucleic acid molecules patent, US-6791451-B1: System and method for improving the security of storage of firearms and other objects, and for aiding the recovery of such if removed from storage patent, US-7054645-B1: System for intelligent home controller and home monitor patent, US-7679186-B2: Piezolectric micro electro-mechanical system switch, array of the switches, and method of fabricating the same patent, US-8021948-B2: Scalable interpoly dielectric stacks with improved immunity to program saturation patent, US-7174006-B2: Method and system of VoiceXML interpreting patent, US-7583247-B2: Gate driver for a display device and method of driving the same patent, US-7645657-B2: MOS transistor and method of forming the MOS transistor with a SiON etch stop layer that protects the transistor from PID and hot carrier degradation patent, US-7862757-B2: Manufacturing method for seamless manmade leather ball patent, US-7015669-B2: Drive apparatus for opening/closing body for vehicle patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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